The Artist

Anita Lamberti Fuchs began her journey into the art world painting in watercolours and they remain her first love. It has taken time and determination to achieve the loose appearance in oils that is so easily mastered in watercolours, as they  melt and mould with a life of their own.  Oils have much more scope and she is enjoying the process of exploring different styles and techniques with this medium.

Landscapes and seascapes are her favourite. As you can see she especially loves trees and forests. She lives in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town and is lucky to be surrounded by beautiful forests. She loves walking and often stumbles across stunning scenes along her way. These can change from day to day depending on the season and cloud formations and never look the same.

Trees hold some kind of magic for her. When she stands alone in the forest there is presence given off by these tall silent giants that feels comforting to her.

Her motto is that  “less is more” and she will be doing her best to achieve this in her future work. She delights in the thickness of the paint using meaningful brushstrokes to achieve a simple effect. The lusciousness of the paint and the tactile effect are a reward of their own. She will hopefully continue to be inspired by beauty for the sea and forests of the Western Cape.

Commissions & Sales

All artwork is for sale unless otherwise marked. Price on request. The artist is open to commissions.